Pixel Drop
Based in Mumbai, India

Release date:
April 23, 2016


Free (Includes In-App Purchases)



Quantum is a competitive turn-based game set against beautiful and minimalist visual design with soothing handcrafted audio. The game features a never seen before online mode that allows players to play up to 6 games simultaneously with dynamic and real-time updates of the player. Profile stats, real-time move-tracking, electron and nuclei live-tracking, power-ups and your win/loss count are also accessible to you as you play. The core mechanic centers around an easy to learn yet difficult to master turn based strategy that allows you to deploy electrons to achieve increasingly more elaborate chain reactions. Your aim is to neutralize your enemies in the unstable environmental conditions of Quantum battles. As a player, you will progress through 22 carefully set achievements unlocking the Quantum scientists as you battle opponents across the world in the quest to become the ultimate Quantum master. Day and night modes along with 8 different color schemes provide a beautiful and rich experience. An offline mode was created solely to let you battle on the same device. Quantum is an extremely addictive game that will provide hours of fun and entertainment and will remain with you forever!


It all began 18 months ago. Fresh out of college and bustling with the feverish energy of an idea a day, we decided to start a company. By 'we' we mean Pratik and Joseph: and our company Pixel Drop. We wanted to blend our passion for building apps with our obsession of science & physics and began working on a 2d iOS game based around the concept of 'chain reaction'. However we didn't want a typical mobile game but rather something competitive with a unique look and feel. The idea of Quantum was too exciting to pass. At the time both of us had very little game development experience, but continued to learn our way through. We began working in September, 2014 spending over 18 months hand crafting every last detail in the game. From then to this moment, the journey has been nothing if not perfect. it has groomed us, tamed us and been a great teacher to us. Finally on April 6, 2016 the app was submitted to the iOS App Store. On April 23, 2016, Quantum will be released on iOS.


  • Beautiful and addictive turn based game play based on the concept of chain reaction
  • Play offline or challenge your friends with Game Center. Compete to become the ultimate Quantum master
  • Dynamic and unique real time update of profile stats. Keep a track of every move made, every electron and nuclei won/lost, power ups, win/loss records and more
  • Play up to 6 games online simultaneously
  • Day and night color themes for an ambient experience
  • 8 different color modes in game play to suit your mood
  • Use the power of Duality to gain an upper hand over the opponent
  • Unique ability of deploying shields to hide your losses
  • Test your skills with exciting challenges to unlock the Quantum scientists
  • Easy to learn, difficult to master. Outwit your opponents in every move
  • Gorgeous minimalist visual design.
  • Original music and handcrafted audio for a seamless and immersive experience (headphones recommended!)
  • Universal app that works fluidly on iphone and ipad
  • Quantum is a premium game that is FREE to play with no ads


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (2MB)

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About Pixel Drop
Pixel Drop is a small software studio based in Mumbai, India, focused on building apps and programs that enhance people’s lives through productivity and entertainment. More information on Pixel Drop, our logo & relevant media are available here. pixeldrop.in.

The Game Quantum Credits

Pratik Luharuka
Founder, Pixel Drop

Joseph Johnson
Founder, Pixel Drop

Shaun Kolah
Music, Yellow Warp Productions

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